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We are one of the leading manpower-recruiting agents who can supply the right candidates to meet your job specifications. We have professional teams offering executive search and selection services to diverse corporates of varied sizes and business interests. Sofomation makes use of the latest management techniques and is fully equipped and staffed to provide consultancy and associate services in the area of manpower supply. We have achieved this stage due to the abundant faith which our client have developed on us and by the unflawed service we have been providing to them, whenever they require manpower from India. Sofomation can source exact staff that client’s need who are suitably qualified for the post.


Why Sofomation

Sofomation is an international recruitment agency with deep specialization and expertise in organizing worldwide recruitment drives. We have successfully hosted numerous drives globally. We expertise and are familiar with working in multicultural and multilanguage global world. Thus we are able to identify venues for international drives, which results in maximum applicant turn outs and least visa hassles. We enjoy strong branding image as recruitment agency worldwide and have hosted successful campaign one after another. We believe in exceeding client expectation by providing strong applicants by thorough screening and zero defect interview screening.

 Current Vacancies

>> 29/07/2015 Fracture Engineer (Exp. 5 - 7yrs.)

>> 29/07/2015 Operation Artificial Lift Technician (Exp. 5+ yrs.)

>> 17/07/2015 Senior Corrosion Technician-Cathodic Protection (Exp. 5+ yrs.)

>> 16/07/2015 Senior Lab Technician (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 16/07/2015 Sr.Engineer-Automation (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 16/07/2015 Project Engineer (Pipeline) (Exp. 8 - 12yrs.)

>> 14/07/2015 Thermal Simulation Engineer (Exp. 10yrs.)

>> 10/07/2015 Process Engineer (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 10/07/2015 Sr Consultant (Decision Sciences) (Exp. 6 - 10yrs.)

>> 10/07/2015 Sr. Cost Engineer (Exp. 12+ yrs.)

>> 03/07/2015 Succession Officer (Exp. 6+ yrs.)

>> 03/07/2015 Testing and Commissioning Manager (Exp. 20+ yrs.)

>> 02/07/2015 Lead PHP Developer with Magneto (Exp. 1 - 2yrs.)

>> 02/07/2015 iOS Developer (Exp. 1 - 2yrs.)

>> 02/07/2015 Lead HTML Developer (Exp. 1 - 2yrs.)

>> 02/07/2015 Android Developer (Exp. 1 - 2yrs.)

>> 02/07/2015 Senior Planning Engineer (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 02/07/2015 Head - Projects Budget (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 02/07/2015 Technical Writer (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 02/07/2015 Cost Engineer (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 02/07/2015 Field Service Engineer (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 30/06/2015 Senior Project Economics Analyst : Interviews in Kolkata (Exp. 8 - 10yrs.)

>> 30/06/2015 Barge Engineer (Offshore) (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 30/06/2015 Rig Electrician (Offshore/Onshore) (Exp. 7 - 8yrs.)

>> 30/06/2015 Rig Mechanic (Offshore/Onshore) (Exp. 7 - 8yrs.)

>> 30/06/2015 Head Technical & Systems Support (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 30/06/2015 SAP HRIS Specialist (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 30/06/2015 Technical Specialist (Exp. 5 - 12yrs.)

>> 29/06/2015 Activity Executive (Exp. 2 - 7yrs.)

>> 26/06/2015 Senior Contract Engineer (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 26/06/2015 Instrument Maintenance Engineer (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 25/06/2015 Concrete Mixing Engineer (Exp. 7+ yrs.)

>> 24/06/2015 Well Engineer (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 24/06/2015 ERP Technical Analyst (Exp. 5+ yrs.)

>> 24/06/2015 Estimation Engineer (Exp. 12+ yrs.)

>> 24/06/2015 Senior Decision Analyst (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 24/06/2015 QA/QC Engineer (Exp. 12 - 15yrs.)

>> 23/06/2015 Section Head Operations - Refinery (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 23/06/2015 Cleaner – Plants and Granulator (Exp. 4+ yrs.)

>> 18/06/2015 Sales and Marketing Executive (Exp. 3+ yrs.)

>> 15/06/2015 Sales Manager (Exp. 12+ yrs.)

>> 15/06/2015 Physiotherapist (Exp. 2+ yrs.)

>> 15/06/2015 Occupational Therapist (Exp. 2+ yrs.)

>> 10/06/2015 Senior System Engineer - Information Security (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 10/06/2015 Estimation Engineer (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 04/06/2015 Registered Nurse Practioners (Exp. 2+ yrs.)

>> 21/04/2015 Senior Petrophysical Engineer (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 10/04/2015 Drilling Chemical Fluids Engineer (Exp. 5+ yrs.)

>> 10/04/2015 Drilling Site Leader (Exp. 7+ yrs.)

>> 01/04/2015 Petroleum Engineer / Production Technologist Specialist (Exp. 12+ yrs.)

>> 01/04/2015 Senior Reservoir Engineer (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 24/03/2015 Drilling Engineer (Engineering & Operational Quality Assurance) (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 24/03/2015 Drilling Standards Engineer (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 24/03/2015 Drilling Performance Engineer (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 24/03/2015 Mud Engineer (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 24/03/2015 Well Design Engineer - Casing Design (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 24/03/2015 Drilling Engineer-Cementing (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 24/03/2015 RIG Commissioning Engineer (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 24/03/2015 RIG Contract Engineer (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 20/03/2015 Drilling RIG Instructor (Exp. 3 - 5yrs.)

>> 19/03/2015 Safety Officer (Onshore) (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 19/03/2015 Sr. Wireline Engineer (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 19/03/2015 Technical Coordinator (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 19/03/2015 Head Drilling Engineering (Exp. 12+ yrs.)

>> 19/03/2015 Operations Engineer (Onshore) (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 19/03/2015 Drilling Superintendent (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 19/03/2015 Sr. Completion Engineer (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 19/03/2015 Senior Drilling Engineer (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 18/03/2015 Directional Drilling Specialist (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 18/03/2015 Drilling Supervisor (Offshore) (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 17/03/2015 Senior Reservoir Engineer (Simulation) (Exp. 12 - 15yrs.)

>> 17/03/2015 Senior Reservoir Engineer (Management) (Exp. 12 - 15yrs.)

>> 16/03/2015 Senior Reservoir Engineer (EOR) (Exp. 12 - 15yrs.)

>> 16/03/2015 Reservoir Engineer (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 16/03/2015 Reservoir Engineer (Management) (Exp. 8+ yrs.)

>> 27/01/2015 Senior Reservoir Engineer / Reservoir Specialist (Exp. 10 - 30yrs.)

>> 27/01/2015 Senior Petroleum Engineer (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 27/01/2015 Specialist Production Technology (Exp. 13+ yrs.)

>> 27/01/2015 Senior Petroleum Engineer (Exp. 10 - 12yrs.)

>> 27/01/2015 Senior Reservoir Geophysicist (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 27/01/2015 Senior Reservoir Geologist / Geomodeller (Exp. 10+ yrs.)

>> 27/01/2015 Exploration Geoscience (Exp. 15+ yrs.)

>> 27/01/2015 Senior Petrophysicist (Exp. 10+ yrs.)
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